Create your Corporate Minutes in Seconds

Quick Corporate Minutes™ provides access to a built-in library of forms and templates designed to quickly document corporate resolutions and minutes.  It saves time and reduces errors by automatically pre-filling much of the data.  Then Quick Corporate Minutes prepares, stores, retrieves and prints those resolutions and minutes on demand.
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Why Bother with the Paperwork?

  • All corporations, no matter how small, must comply with state & federal recordkeeping laws
  • Over 90% of all corporations are currently non-compliant with record-keeping requirements
  • Whether your corporation has no employees or hundreds, it must follow formal compliance rules
  • It is YOUR responsibility to know & follow the rules
  • Creditors are very good at piercing the corporate veil of liability protection
  • Most corporate attorneys charge thousands of dollars for minimal compliance assistance. 

Our Fourth Year as #1 CPA Recommended Software!

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  • #1 CPA Recommended Software
    Fail to keep the proper records of certain corporate activities and business owners face the wrath of the IRS.  Having a corporation disallowed simply because the officers didn’t comply with recordkeeping requirements has tremendous negative tax implications and could result in fines and penalties big enough to cripple a small business.
  • Cheaper than hiring an attorney

    Our desktop PC software takes the tediousness out of corporate record-keeping and storage.  Small-to-midsize “S” and “C” corporations can remain compliant with corporate reporting laws quickly and efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a corporate attorney. And our extensive templates allow you to create and customize resolutions to meet your needs.

  • Corporate minutes set the policies for the board

    When a business decides to incorporate, benefits and rights accrue to the corporation, its shareholders, and officers under state law. These advantages include, for example, limited liability to the shareholders, and tax advantages for operation as a corporation. Without maintaining accurate corporate minutes...